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About Reynoldsburg Lodge

Making good men better

Established in 1862, the Reynoldsburg Masonic Lodge a pillar of the Reynoldsburg community. The 340th lodge to be created in Ohio, Reynoldsburg lodge is a lodge focused on community involvement and activity with elements of charitable giving. Our three most valued principles are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Being a Mason is about building true friendships, often with like-minded men whom one may otherwise never meet. As friends and brothers we share a desire to bond and improve ourselves by doing good in the world.

Masons make a profound difference in Ohio. Each year, we devote countless hours and over a million dollars to help in our own backyard. It's little things like spaghetti dinners, bake sales and collecting donations that make huge differences in people's lives.

You can read more details about our history here.

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