Bro Lyndal Payne

It is with great sorrow that I must report that Bro Lyndal Payne passed to eternal rest on July 19, 2020.  His family has requested a Masonic service.

Thursday, July 23, 2020  at 6:30 pm (please arrive by 6:15) Dwayne R. Spence Funeral Home 650 W Waterloo Canal Winchester 43110

Please bring a mask (although I will have a few).  The lodge will provide gloves, aprons and greens.

Masonic record of Bro Payne:

Born: May 5, 1939 Initiated: March 9, 1982 in Whitehall Lodge Passed: January 11, 1983 Raised: 1/25/1983 Passed from Labor to eternal rest: July 19, 2020

Please send the WM an email if you are attending. (

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