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Lodge holds first hybrid meeting

On Tuesday, June 16 the lodge did a first (as far as I know). During the recent pandemic, , due to the an edict from the Grand Master of Masons in Ohio, the lodge was unable to hold meetings in the building, so we moved to Zoom meetings. In Mid June, the Grand Master said we could meet again, but the Ohio Department of Health said we still shouldn't have more than ten people. Our zoom meetings were getting a couple dozen members in attendance and we didn't want to go backwards... So we invited our speaker (RWBro Chad Kopenski from Paramuthia Lodge) to join us via Zoom. After opening the meeting privately, the lodge was called to refreshment and we opened the Zoom conference. Chad made a great presentation entitled ecret Societies in Pop Culture: Separating Fact from Fiction", with some good discussion. And then, we closed the Zoom meeting, and brought the lodge back to labor and finished our meeting. Welcome to the 21st century. We'll have to do this from time to time to allow our out of town members to participate.

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